Kevin Harts Mistress Montia Sabbag Says They Had Sex 3 Times!!!

According to TJB Montia Sabbag is opening up about the sex tape controversy involving her and Kevin Hart. The 26-year-old, who says she is a make up artist and recording artist in Los Angeles, says that the sex tape was filmed during the day when the 38-year-old comedian was sober, not when he was drunk late at night.

She says she met Hart while traveling with a group of mutual friends, from LA to Las Vegas.

“I had a girlfriend who invited me to go with a few of her friends. I was like, “okay, sounds fun.” I met him (Kevin) on the plane, I was with a friend and we had no idea he was gonna be there. We stayed at the Venetian hotel and we ended up moving hotels to The Cosmopolitan. “

Sabbag, who is an aspiring actress, claims she was unaware that he was married. She also says that Hart didn’t tell her that he was married. She says,

“ I was intimate with Kevin three times in the course of maybe three days. It was fun. We just get along, we get each other, he’s funny, I’m funnier. We had a connection, we had chemistry. We clicked. It was fun, he didn’t try to woo me, it was just an instant connection.”

“ He was with his friends. I thought he was cute, he’s an attractive man, but I wasn’t star struck or anything like that, it was super casual, he was a gentleman, a nice guy. “

Sabbag says she spent three days with Hart at his suite at The Cosmopolitan.  She says a friend alerted her to Hart’s Instagram announcement, where he apologized to his wife and family and said he was being extorted.

“ I was like, “wow”, but mainly I was confused because I thought he was saying I was the person (who targeted him)’. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong and I knew I didn’t do any of the things he said in the video, so I was confused. I made myself clear from that initial phone call I received and I think I’ve made myself clear by hiring a lawyer.”

She has hired high profile celebrity attorney lawyer Lisa Bloom to handle the case.

SMH!!! Teacher Suggests Black People Should “Go Back To Africa” in Facebook Post


Cammie Ron, a second-grade teacher at Batesville Intermediate School, made an offensive Facebook post saying “If blacks in this country are so offended, no one is forcing them to stay here. Why don’t they pack up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living. I am sure our government will pay for it! We pay for everything else.”


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Usher’s Mother want Y’all to put some respect on Her Son’s name (Her response inside)

Usher’s mother speaking about the drama surrounding her son via Instagram. Usher’s mother has been posting her son’s face with captions about the latest media stories regarding Usher. The singer has been in the media for two months after news broke that singer had herpes allegedly. Usher has yet to respond to the rumors besides the time he let it be known at no time did he ever sleep with Quantisia Sharpton .

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