Overlooking the Obvious – Sex Obsessed Men in R&B

"Overlooking the Obvious" Let's talk about those words for a second. It appears to me that there is ALOT of that going on in our culture I'll be the first to admit I'm guilty of it myself. It seems that we only pay attention when a hashtag is posted with the matching Meme on Instagram.

Now let's put this in the context of the R. Kelly & Usher allegations. Let's call them #Kidnapgate & #Herpesgate In both cases the obvious was clearly "OVERLOOKED" 👀 I mean let's be real who can honestly say that pre #kidnapgate they didn't believe R. Kelly was the man in that video pissing on little girls 🤔 Or even the fact that he is the self proclaimed Pied Piper. To clarify for those who may not know the "Pied Piper" Is a story based on real events of a man who led children away from their town, never to be seen again. To break it down a little more he led them away by playing music. 😫 Yet everyone is so surprised. Seems like everyone is "OVERLOOKING" what's really going on because he can hold a note and write a good record 🙄. So he can marry a 15 year old, Piss on a 14 year old, and kidnap a group of teenagers and we are just now noticing.

Moving on to #herpesgate clearly the women in Ushers bed didn't give ✌🏽fucks about the "Green Gew" 🤢 coming out his dick head. Or maybe they just decided to "OVERLOOK" that too! They would rather put their bodies in permanent jeopardy than care enough about themselves to walk away from a couple of hot nights with a super star. They could've atleast wrapped that gift up because now it's one they can't even get back 😷.

Let's be clear if either one of the men were average and working a 9-5 neither one of these stories would exists. One would've been found guilty over a decade ago and the other would've been got his ass beat the first time he gave somebody that confessions starter pack.

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