7 Reasons Why Tameka Foster is Winning !!

1. She made it out of her relationship with Usher without contracting Herpes

2. She lost a fake friend and gained her sanity and piece of mind.

3. She could possibly be closer to regaining primarily custody of her 2 sons if criminal charges are brought up against Usher.

4. She traded a cheating husband for the single life and clearly passed him over to Grace Miguel who is currently enjoying the comforts of being cheated on and possibly infected.

5. The attention from the latest news on Usher has brought her back to the forefront of entertainment in a positive light.

6. She still has a thriving career as a wardrobe stylist with clients such as Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z, Toni Braxton, and Patti Labelle

7. Her net worth has continued to grow since divorcing Usher in 2012 she is currently worth $5M

What's done in the dark always comes to light. Since Usher first married his first wife, Tameka Foster she was always looked at in a negative light. Rumors were always attached to her name. She's crazy, She's controlling, She's a cougar, even a gold digger. But no one ever stopped to notice what might have been wrong with Usher. It always amazes me how celebrity can make the most intelligent people look past the worst in people. In this case Usher was never judged for cheating on her with one of their bridesmaids.

This was an allegation made years ago by Tameka when she and Usher originally separated. It was overlooked and many noted her allegations as lies. Fast forward to July 2017 the truth has been revealed in a major way. Not only has it come out in court documents but it also confirms that Usher passed an untreatable decease to her knowingly. Clearly karma has come to play hardball in this case.

Looks like the tables have turned to show everyone's true color. Usher is no longer the victim but now the very real villain. Allegations of multiple unprotected sex partner are coming out of the wood work including women he has had sex with in the past months 🤔. Month huh, isn't he married to his second wife. Wonder if she got that special let it burn 🔥 package too? Lucky for Tameka she dodged the ultimate bullet she is STD Free and no longer legally bound to Usher. What's your opinion?

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