Wins & Losses Blac Chyna vs. Rob Kardashian

Who won? Who lost?

Although social media's debate is that Chyna schemed her way to the top our opinion is a little different, SHE LOST!!!!

She took by far the biggest "L" in this situation. She had a man who loved her regardless of her past situations and issues. He even looked past her thot tendencies 👀. She had someone who went against all odds for her even against his own high profile family. Something that her 1st baby daddy "TYGA" wouldn't even do.

Not to mention a man that he gave her the world 🌎 . Robert although We don't agree with his actions really cared for Chyna. He was a damn fool for love!! The worst part of it all is that she proved everyone RIGHT! When the news of them even being a couple broke a year ago everyone's first thought was that it would end this way and sure enough it did.

Question: Since when is it cool to be that chick that basically anybody can smash. "She for everybody" 🤔

Instead of giving her daughter a life where she can have both her parents in the household and somewhat of a normal family dynamic she opted to gain a guy who is clearly fame hungry and begging Rob for support. Then she gained another guy who is clearly Gay 💅🏽 and soon to come another. The list will continue to go on please believe me.

Honestly her mindset is miniature and any person praising her actions is just a low. Here's another question where is the Win in losing a good man to trade for a handful of men that like standing on coaches at the strip club every night? At some point that shit gets old and when you pushing 30 with two kids it's bout that time.

Now don't misunderstand Chyna has gained a larger following from this madness and she is definitely a beautiful women but we are going with Rob for the Win.. The only thing he lost was a few coins and a headache 🤕 but he had money to burn anyway sooooo…. She really did him a favor. He also gain a beautiful baby girl so Rob keep your head up and pay attention the next time someone shows you their true colors the first time.

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