Jackie Christie Talk Basketball Wives And Daughter Drama On The Breakfast Club. (Video)

If you haven’t heard about Tacky Jackie and all the drama between her and her daughter you have got to be living under a rock. Since I have started this blog I have been very vocal about my personal option on this topic but i have noticed that there are many others who take Jackies side on the topic.


Many believe that Jackies daugter should’ve kept their family business between them and others believe she is lying all together. My intiution tells me that although all of the story in unclea that there is much truth behind her words. I would also like to bring to my readers attention that Takari never asked fr the attention brought to her she just posted a “Go fund Me” for her child that went viral. She needed help and I dont blame her for posting it when she was in desperate need of funds to pay his medical bills.

Either way here is what Jackie has to say in regards to Bsketball Wives and her daughter drama. What you think?

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