Popular Model Dies after having “100” surgeries.

Popular model Kristyna Martelli is known for her gorgeous figure. But she has died due to a random plastic surgery procedure. Kristyna grew up in Quebec, she has done more than 100 plastic surgeries on her body since the age of 17.

Kristyna Martelli had explained everything in her own website why she liked to flatter plastic surgeries on her body, she said, “plastic surgeries is her hobby and passion”. “She wanted to make her body looks so different and another level. She doesn’t regret about of anything, this is the purpose of all her surgeries”, she said. According to the reports, she was suffering from an illness and she died from a heart attack while doctors performed a butt implant surgery.

She had done multiple surgeries including face fillers, breast and buttock enhancements and underwent nose jobs, in her short-lived career.

she had posted so many pictures of her on social media and she has about 620k Instagram followers.

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