SHOCKING! This Man DRUGGED, ABUSED & KILLED His 14-Year-Old Daughter! You Won’t BELIEVE Why He Did It!

Mark Messini called the police 11 years ago, saying that she’s gone and that he doesn’t know what to do. He said that she went on a holiday with some of her male and female friends but that she never came back home. Police was looking for a girl for a long time, but the truth that they found out later was shocking.

He drugged his daughter, so he could abuse her till she passed out, and he was doing it for a days and then killed her. Then, he hides her body in the yard thinking police will never find it, but they did, soon.

He confessed that his daughter was begging her to let her go and that she promised that she will run away and won’t ever come back and that she wouldn’t ever tell anyone about what he did to her, but he killed her.

He said that he started liking her since she was a little girl, and that he was finding her more and more attractive so he decided to try to do something with her that nobody should know.

This monster also stated that he thought that it’s better that he sleeps with his daughter first than some other boy who is young and knows nothing about relations.

When he was going through his trial, he cried and confessed that he also intimately assaulted 8-year-old and a 16-year-old girls.

He was charged for 46 points, and the court found him guilty for all of them.

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