7-year-old Is The World’s Youngest Serial Killer, And He’s Already Free 👀

Amardeep Sada, of India, breaks the mold completely when it comes to serial Killers. Sada holds the dubious (and unbelievable) distinction of being the world’s youngest serial killer on record.

Sada killed three victims over his year of murder; all of his victims were babies from the local village that he lived in with his parents, and they included his own baby cousin and baby sister. He also killed his neighbor’s six-month-old daughter by carrying her away from the populated area where he found her sleeping, beating her to death with a stone, and then burying her in a shallow grave.

When he was finally caught, he was only eight years old and he had killed his first victim when he was only seven years old…

What would you do if you realized that your young child was actually a cold-blooded killer? Well, Sada’s parents originally tried to help him cover up his actions even after he took the life of his own sister. Even though they tried to help him clean up his crimes, it was clear that Sada still had no idea that what he was doing was wrong. It was to the point that when people started asking questions about the killings he was happy to admit fully to what he had done. He even led police to where he had buried his last victim.

Because Sada was so young when he committed these heinous crimes he couldn’t be tried as an adult under Indian law. In fact the longest sentence that a juvenile offender can receive is three years. The information as to what happened during his trial and incarceration was never released, leaving people to wonder what had happened.

As it turned out Sada answered that question, contacting the media himself in 2015 to let them know that he was living in a youth home until he turned 18. Well he turned 18 last year which means that he is likely free among the population. It is assumed he is living under a new name to escape his history.

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