Four children lived with their dead mother thinking she was asleep and…

Boys have said to social workers that they are used to sleep and eat on their own. Shock has caused the news that four siblings have lived for four whole days with their dead mother and her companion, without realizing that they were dead.

The boys who lived in La Zarza-Perrunal, a city in south-west Spain, aged 5 to 13, believed that the couple was asleep so they did not think to alert anyone despite the bad smell that existed at home. According to local media, the police were informed when one of the young boys said their landlord, who was living next door, that their 32-year-old mother was sleeping” for days.

For days, boys followed their daily lives as they ate and went to school while her mother and companion were dead. The police report that the death of the young couple is due to excessive drug consumption, which was probably done deliberately.

According to local media, the owner of the house visited the house to check the situation. When the older child opened the door, he felt an extremely “intense smell”, while when asked where his mother was, he replied that she was asleep. He then chose to alert the police in order to explain the case.

Residents and neighbors reported to local media that the family had arrived in the city a few weeks before. In fact, the owner of a motel said that he had given them a room for four days and seemed very happy that they could even make a shower.

She also claims that from the first moment she felt that something was wrong with the family in question, and she did not fail to mention her suspicions that the couple were probably drug addicts. She said to ABC: “She was a girl with a very miserable life. It is a terrible shame, “she added,” There are four children that we hope to continue and have a good life. ”

The neighbors reported that they rarely saw the couple coming out of the house, but many times the children used to play outside. All the children were transferred directly to welfare, where they remain till today. According to informations, the biological father of three of the four children is now trying to take care of all.

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