Mom Arrested After Tying Plastic Bag Around Child’s Head (Photos)

An Ohio mother has been arrested and charged with child endangerment after she allegedly tied a plastic bag around her young daughter’s head and left it on the girl for 30 minutes.

Police were alerted to Queridea Young’s treatment of her 2-year-old daughter by the girl’s paternal grandmother, Venus White, after Young sent White a photo of the girl with a bag around her head.

In text messages sent with the photo, Young, 24, revealed a startling fact to White, according to WLWT: “I already tied a bag over the child’s head and she was asleep like that for 30 minutes.”.

“I’m not gone be taking care of the girls no more I don’t want nothing to do with them and if yal bring them around me they will be dead or beat up,” Young wrote in another text message.

In further text messages, Young was reportedly angry about the girl’s father spending money on a different woman and said that his family always took his side.

When police spoke to Young, she told them she had downloaded the photo from the internet, according to WLWT.

During a search of Young’s apartment, police found pillows and a couch that match the background of the photo.

“Ms. Young is a danger to the well being and health of her child,” police wrote in a sworn statement filed with the court, according to WXIX.

White doesn’t believe that Young is a bad mother and says she blames a mental breakdown for Young’s behavior.

“This right here is out of her character,” White said, according to WXIX. “She’s a good mom. She’s not a bad mother.”

Despite that, White told WXIX that when she saw the photo of her granddaughter with a bag on her head, her first reaction was anger at Young.

“I was blown away,” White said. “Actually, I wanted to go do what she did to [the child]. I’m gonna kick this door in and I’m going to put this bag over her head, let her see how this feel.”

Young’s bond was set at $25,000 and she has been ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet whenever she is released.

While Young is in jail, the girl and her sister and staying with their father. White told WXIX she intends to try and get custody of the children.

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