Women Badly Beaten By A Man over Parking Space! She Calls Him Out On Twitter And DEMANDS For Justice!

Many times a lot of people overreact over minor issues that could have been settled with just a few words of kindness. No doubts, we all experience anger occasionally and that’s not a problem if taken to the right degree, and for the right purpose.

Anger becomes a problem when it happens too often, too intensely, at the wrong time, or with the wrong person. We all should be able to know the limits we should allow our discontentment to be expressed.

A guy from South Africa seems to have gotten it all wrong when he allegedly engaged in a physical attack on a woman over parking space at a garage. According to the story which went viral at the time it happened few months ago, the lady took photos of her battered face and reported the matter to authorities.

The case was later taken to court, and according to a recent post made on social media by the assault victim, the accused man identified as Kevin Malila failed to show up in court for the hearing and for that reason, a warrant for his arrest has been issued by authorities.

The lady is now calling on the public to help report to the police if the accused man is sighted anywhere. She shared images of the suspect on her Twitter handle @Dnee_L

One begins to wonder how any man in his right senses would batter a lady so badly because of something as minor as a parking space. I find this difficult to comprehend. You may have something to say. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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