This puts a whole new twist on the recent breakup of The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson and her ex-fiance, David Otunga. Two weeks ago it was reported that the couple split after 10 years of being engaged and Hudson received a Order of protection against Otunga. Earlier today, Otunga won primary custody of their 8-year-old son, David Otunga Jr., and Jennifer removed the personal protection order against her ex-fiance.

According to TMZ, Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have reached a temporary custody agreement regarding their 8-year-old son. After hearing that Hudson was issued a PPO against David, fans assumed that she would be granted full custody of their son. However, Hollywood Life reports that Jennifer’s career requires a lot of travel and time spent out of the country. Because of that, David has been granted primary custody of their little boy.

At this time, David is spending the majority of his time with his father. This is because Jennifer will be in London shooting The Voice UK. Hudson is there in between flights back and forth between London and Los Angeles, as she takes part in the live shows of The Voice here.

Many fans were shocked by this news, but Hollywood Life points out that David has said in the past that he is the primary caregiver for their son since his birth. This is due to Jennifer’s intense travel schedule, which is why she probably did not fight the ruling. The couple may be in the middle of a very bitter divorce, but they do both acknowledge that David will, once again, be the primary caregiver and because of that, primary custody should go to him. This is only a temporary ruling until the formal custody agreement is worked out.

As far as the PPO goes, Jennifer dropped that voluntarily. If the PPO was still in place, David would not have been able to have any contact with their son or her. David now has primary custody of their son, but he will not be moving back into their family home.

After the big announcement of their split, TMZ reported that Jennifer kicked David out of their family home. At the time, she claimed that David was a risk to her and her son. The police were called and David was allowed to pack a bag before reportedly being ordered to leave. Jennifer was temporarily awarded primary custody of their son. That, obviously, changed today.

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