16 Year Old Boy Was RAPED And MURDERED By His Friends! What They Did To His Body Will DISGUST You!

Alex Villamayor’s death was ruled as a suicide after his friends alleged that they woke up one morning and discovered him on the floor with a gunshot wound to the head. Initially, the ruling was accepted as fact, until recently when new evidence came to light that painted a much more ominous picture of the night when Alex died.

The 16-year-old American was vacationing at a family friend’s home in Paraguay. He and two of his friends were dabbling in illicit substances one evening when things took a very violent turn. According to initial reports, Alex shot himself in the head during the early morning hours while everyone else was sleeping. New evidence has now been revealed that proves Alex was most likely raped and then murdered.

Not only did the gunshot wound on Alex’s head not make sense with the positioning of the gun in his hand, but his body was completely free of any gunpowder residue—not something that would happen if he had killed himself. Police believe that someone changed his clothes and washed him down after he had been shot.

An autopsy also revealed that Alex had his own bodily fluids in certain areas of his body that could have only ended up there if he had been raped. When police began to question the two friends that were with Alex on the night he died, it was revealed that one of his friends, Rene Hofstetter, had the help of his father and one of their workers to try and cover up the homicide and make it appear to have been a suicide. All three men are being charged with attempting to conceal the murder of Alex Villamayor. Alex’s other friend that was present that night had not been charged with any crimes.

Alex’s parents say they are relieved that the truth about their son’s death has now been revealed. They share that they knew all along their son would never kill himself because he was a happy guy with a lot to live for. They reveal that the pain of losing their son to people who they thought were his friends will never go away, but seeing the suspects get the punishment they deserve will be some justice for Alex.

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