Christopher Paul Conway US Army combat medic: Why I raped my nine month old daughter, strangles her to death

What led to Christopher Paul Conway a US Army combat medic raping his nine month old daughter and strangling her to death?

Christopher Paul Conway a 22 year old US Army combat medic from Clarksville, Tennessee has been arrested after allegedly raping his nine month old daughter and then strangling her to death.

The baby girl’s 9 month old twin sister was spared reported

A statement from the Clarksville Police Department told of Christopher Conway being taken into custody, Wednesday morning and charged with homicide and aggravated rape of the infant.

The statement says a cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and caused her death.

Police say they responded to the family’s home on Cindy Jo Court at 7.19am on Tuesday after a 911 caller told them that CPR was in progress, reported The Leaf-Chronicle.

Despite being taken to hospital, the baby girl was pronounced dead 40 minutes later.

A regard of the girl’s injuries led to attending medics saying the baby girl had been raped and strangulated with a cord. A subsequent investigation led to the child’s father being booked.

Christopher Paul Conway Jesus in the Manger cutout nativity scene mounted in front yard.

Upon his arrest, jail records indicated Conway being held in custody at Montgomery County Jail on $100,000 bond for the rape charge.

Conway’s Facebook page indicates that he is originally from Alabama and serves in the US Army as an army battle surgeon stationed at Fort Campbell.

The man’s profile describes him being married to his wife, Emily, just under three years. The couple welcomed their twin baby girls in February.

Photos on the serviceman’s social media page paint a picture of a happy, loving young couple enjoying their time with their two newborn daughters.

In one image, the twins are seen tucked into the pockets of their father’s uniform.

As of the morning of November 15, the yard of Conway’s residence featured‘remnants of crime scene tape,’ along with a cutout Nativity scene consisting of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in a manger.

To date it remains unclear if Conway had ever faced any disciplining in the army or whether there had been previous instances of strife, child abuse or ‘perversion’ at the family home and what action, if any had been taken?

A statement released by Clarksville police spokesperson Jim Knoll via the dailymail said, ‘there is no motive for something like this.’

Knoll added that his agency had no prior interactions with Conway.

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