Mother Suffocated Her Daughter and Threw Her Body in the Trash

A Florida mother now stands accused of committing the ultimate crime against her own child, and the details are horrific and sad.

31-year-old Tina Farrington is in court charged with the murder of her own child, 4-year-old daughter Taina Paige. The woman is accused of suffocating her daughter and throwing her body in a garbage dumpster.

This tragic story is once again shedding a light on mental health and mental health issues with her lawyer alleging that Farrington could have been suffering at the time of her daughter’s death.

It was Halloween night when police report that 4-year-old Taina Page back talked to her mother, Tina Farrington.

Upset by her daughter’s behavior, Farrington reportedly told police she then lured her daughter and her son into her room and proceeded to suffocate Taina with a pillow, CBS News reports.

She then said she put her daughter’s body in the trunk of her 2013 Nissan Altima for several days until she noticed an odor coming from the car. She then allegedly dumped her daughter’s body in a dumpster at her apartment building, the police report states.

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Little Taina’s body was discovered when a man who lives in the complex took his garbage out. He noticed the little girl’s body wrapped in a blanket, and told another woman who was nearby to call 911.

“Every time I close my eyes I can see her face,” Indira Blanco told CBS News. “He asked me ‘can you see if she’s alive because you can do the CPR’. I said okay let me see. When I opened blanket, I said no, she was dead.”

“The defendant provided a detailed confession regarding her involvement in the death of the victim,” the arrest report said according to the Sun Sentinal.


Farrington has been charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond. A public defender mentioned the possibility of Farrington having mental issues during her bond hearing.

Police also state that Taina’s body was found to have extensive bruises on her “arms, legs and torso.”

“We are disgusted and devastated by the death of this innocent girl,” Florida Department of Children and Families spokeswoman Jessica Sims said in a statement. “DCF has opened a child death investigation to review all circumstances that led to this tragedy and will assist police in any possible to hold anyone responsible accountable for this heinous act.”

The girl’s father, a Miami Beach Police officer, has started a GoFundMe to help aid with funeral costs.

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