Kim & Kanye’s Surrogate is Pregnant!!

Guess who is getting the baby she paid good money to make 💰💰💰. Kim Kardashian has been adamant about having another baby with Kanye West and guess what her wish is finally coming true!

Kim announced back in June that she and Kanye were looking for a surrogate, and according to US Weekly they found one and she's three months pregnant!

The baby is expected to be due sometime in January. It had been reported that Kim and Kanye's surrogate will be paid $45,000 in 10 monthly installments of $4,500. 😳😳😳. Well Damn could've hit my line ☎️ and I would've been glad to sign up for this gig 😂.

TMZ is also reporting in the case of multiples, Mr. and Mrs. West will fork over $5,000 per additional child. This would all be in addition to the $68,850 deposit paid to the agency… Clearly I'm in the wrong business I need to book my interview to become somebodies temporary baby momma.

👶🏽 +👶🏽 = 💲💲💲

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